Why Jane Heller?


As a trained marketing professional, appraiser, retailer, and professional personal property liquidator, Jane Heller has been organizing estate sales since 1978. Her acquired expertise means you can enjoy total peace of mind while she and her trained team take care of every last detail. 

JHES has an established reputation as one of the very best in the field, in filling the needs of individuals, executors, trust officers and realtors, providing full liquidation of household contents.

Jane Heller Estate Sales takes a full-service approach to each sale.

  • We sell your furniture, art, china, gold and silver, as well as  kitchenware, garage items, costume jewelry, clothing, and linens.
  •  For unique and rare items, if necessary, Jane consults with her network of expert appraisers and past auction records in order to sell the item at the best possible price and venue.

But not all estate sales are equal—careful planning, meticulous execution, and a failsafe marketing strategy are vital in ensuring the maximum yield from your estate, or the estate of a loved one. 

JHES is licensed as a corporation in Maryland and carries full professional liability insurance and bonding.   Buyers pay sales tax, which is then paid (by JHES) to the appropriate jurisdiction.

As required by law, Jane Heller Estate Sales holds the following current Maryland and Montgomery county licenses:

  • Secondhand Personal Property dealers license.
  • Montgomery County Traders’ License.
  • Md., & DC Sales & Use tax licenses.
  • Md. Secondhand Precious Metal Object Dealers license.

 In the field of estate liquidation, experience matters.