Mary Lou Armstrong
Rockville, MD
June 2019

“I appreciate your organizing and bringing to fruition the sale of my friend Jack’s belongings at the end of May. The task seemed daunting but the result was more successful than we had even dreamed. It was truly our good fortune that you consented to accept the challenge we offered you.”

Attorney Rande Joiner
November 2018

“My firm has worked with Jane Heller numerous times over the past ten years and the services she provides continue to be top notch.  She just handled a particularly challenging estate for me where she was required to hold a sale at a condo with limited parking, access and lots of regulations, to meet beneficiaries picking up bequests, to wrap items for shipping, to arrange for shipping of both boxes and furnishings, and somehow make a packed three day condo sale look inviting and well-organized.  The sale was a strong one despite these hurdles.  Jane then had to arrange to empty the rest of the apartment, make lists of donated items and get receipts for me.  I am more than pleased!  I will continue to use her services in the future and will highly recommend her to other attorneys and families.”

Maria A. Vacchio Attorney
Rockville, MD
November 2017

"Jane Heller worked with me on a very difficult estate, meticulously going through thousands of items and preparing them for sale.  She was conscientious and thorough in all that she did.  She  kept us abreast of her progress and promptly reported sales and remitted proceeds.  She has an amazing ability to sort through personal items, organize them and arrange and show them in an attractive manner.  She is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a competent professional to do an estate sale.  I look forward to working with her in the future."

Grace Wittome
Washington, DC
September 2017

[Jewelry consignment]  "I was very pleasantly surprised when I received your check.  I had no idea my jewelry was worth that much!  Thank you so much for a wonderful job"

Richard & Ann Young
Potomac, MD
January 2017

"Ann and I are thrilled with how you handled our estate sale.  Your attention to detail and compete follow- through was amazing and engendered very high confidence in you.  We know that the sale attracted many shoppers due to your advertising and reputation for price fairness.  We were very impressed with the research you did on various items to determine asking prices.  And most important, the financial results were very positive.  We are delighted to give this positive reference. "

"JHES conducted a 3 day sale in my Bethesda home, and showed exceptional professionalism in organizing and executing the very difficult task of disposing of a large quantity of household goods.  Jane saw to it that the best prices were obtained; donated the unsold items and removed unsalable pieces and trash.  The proceeds reached the upper end of her original estimate.  We were very pleased with her kind cooperation and the results achieved.  We highly recommend JHES services to prospective home sellers."

 George & Vasso Maniatis
July 2016

Phyllis & Ken Goldberg
Potomac, MD
September 2016

“Jane is the ultimate professional! She was referred to me by a friend who used her to run his estate sale. Her presentation was extremely informative & her experience addresses all aspects of running an estate sale. Her organizational skills & knowledge of pricing is superior. We highly recommend Jane & her staff to anyone! A BIG THANK YOU for making our move run much more smoothly!”

JoAnne & Dick Durst
Potomac, MD
May 2016

“We cannot begin to tell you how pleased we are with the outcome of the Sale! This was quite an experience for us and glad we chose you to take us through it. Thank you.”

Donna Sieber
Washington DC
January 2016

“I hired JHES to manage the job of emptying my sister's Washington DC home. As her only living relative, and being out of state, I was overwhelmed by the work required. I am 86 years old, & have been under a lot of stress..... Jane not only did a wonderful job getting the house cleaned out, but she was so knowledgeable about idenitfying so many different things. ...lot of African art in the home, and many paintings. Many of my sister's friends attended the sale, & told me Jane had done a wonderful job & had EVERYTHING under control. ... I certainly would NOT hesitate to recommend Jane to anyone. She knows the ins & outs of her work & doesn't hesitate to get things done!!”

Linda Diamond
Bethesda, MD
May 2015

“Jane Heller and her staff were simply wonderful. Nobody ever looks forward to having an estate sale, but Jane made it a breeze. I didn’t know where to start, but as Jane explained, all I had to do was walk around my house and set aside what I wanted to keep. Wa la! ~ my job was just about finished. Jane’s work was just beginning. She and her very capable staff came in and carefully went room by room doing their detail work. Every step of the way Jane gave me more and more confidence that I had made the right decision in going with her. Jane's memory is amazing (she must have a photographic memory!) and the extensive amount of time she spent researching items to ensure a fair price was just outstanding. Not only was I impressed with her pre-sale detail work, but I was also impressed with the turnout on the sale weekend as well as her follow up. When my Mother passed I went with another company to help me with her estate sale and OH MY…NO COMPARISON! I certainly wish I knew about Jane back then! I give Jane Heller Estate Sales a big two thumbs up. ”

Diane Wilbur
Washington, DC
April 2015

“Thanks so much for the careful rundown [final report] of the estate sale. Today, I went to the house settlement. The move, the sale, and today's closing of my home have been defining experiences - but it's time to move on..... Let me know if you need any references,and many thanks. April 2015”

Sarah Eichhorn
Rockville, MD
April 2015

“Jane was a godsend. I was under very tight timelines between the sale of the house and the settlement date. She was able to work within my parameters and get the sale done. Jane and her crew were able to come in and do the necessary preparations in a timely fashion, hold the sale over a three day period, and allow me enough time to get the house ready for the closing deadline. Jane runs a very professional operation. Her years of experience have allowed her to know the market and to price items accordingly. I was impressed with the degree of meticulousness in the pricing of even the smallest things. There was a tremendous amount of personal property that she had to go through, sort and price. It was incredible that she managed to get through it all. Jane has learned trick-of-the-trade that contribute to a successful and secure sale. Her crew was amazing and hand-working. The house was staged to be efficient in both managing large groups of people (we had over 900 people) that came through and in how she grouped the items that needed to be sold. I would not hesitate to use Jane again and I highly recommend her. ”

Coille Piento
Bethesda, Kenwood
March 2015

“The thought of clearing our Mom's house, our childhood home, was overwhelming. Jane and her staff took care of everything from clearing it out to staging it for the sale. She prices items based on her expertise, and research and pulls in a remarkable amount of buyers from her years of working in the industry. Security is of utmost priority and she staffs her sales accordingly. Jane's professionalism and sensitivity made a difficult task much easier and I would certainly recommend her services.”

V. Morrison
Fairfax, VA
April 2014

“When I decided to downsize and have an estate sale, I was already familiar with most if not all of the local sale companies because I had attended local estate sales for years. I chose Jane Heller, without seriously considering other companies, because of her knowledge, expertise, experience and professionalism. Jane is fair to aggressive on pricing, but is reasonable and willing to work with her clients. Jane did an excellent job advertising my sale and the results were excellent. The sale was well attended, well received and lucrative.”

Su Fink
November 2013

“I was very pleased with Jane's professional way of handling the estate sale for my mother. Her knowledge of the items, pricing, dedication to detail, and research into value, was remarkable. She has quite a following of buyers and actually sold more dollar volume than she had originally estimated. I was also impressed by her trustworthiness as I live out of town. It was most helpful to me to be able to rely on Jane. I would highly recommend her.”

Attorney Don Green
August 2013

“Thank you for your excellent work managing the sale of personal property from my client's estate at his NW D.C. condo. You not only sold the contents, but also arranged for the distribution of bequeathed items to the beneficiaries around the country. I was amazed at your energy throughout this process. Without reservation, I can say that you are the most professional and efficient estate sale agent I have ever worked with during my almost thirty years of legal practice. I think I have worked with the best, and you were tops. I wish you continued success.”

Diane Byrne
Bethesda, MD
 May 2013

“Jane Heller is a hardworking, well organized professional who was able to execute our Dad's estate liquidation sale efficiently and in a timely manner. She was thorough, did what we asked, and was prompt to report back to us with progress reports. I would recommend her to anyone in need of such professional services.”

 Robert Rubin
March 2013

“After my Mother passed away I was lost as to what to do with the 50 years worth of belongings that had accumulated in her Potomac house. I live on the West Coast, and needed to sell the home and could not take all her things. It was a stressful time. Then I was introduced to Jane. She is absolutely the best! After careful planning she completely liquidated everything in 3 days. I didn't have to worry about anything. She was extremely organized and professional and I was shocked at how much money the sale brought in. I didn't have to lift a finger. I am grateful to Jane for everything she has done and would highly recommend her services. Thank you, Jane!”

Susan Fridley
Potomac, MD
 February 2013

“It was wonderful working with Jane on my estate sale. She was very professional and organized and it was incredible what she was able to accomplish in helping me to empty my house in time for a quick settlement. I could not have done it without her and would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you, Jane!”

Linda Grodin
Potomac, MD

“It was a pleasure working with Jane on the estate sale at my home. It was reassuring to even be able to leave the country and not have to worry about the details. Jane did a very professional job and I would definitely recommend Jane Heller Estate Sales to my friends. Thank you. ”

Charles Feingersh
Potomac MD
October 2012

“Thanks very much for the prompt check for receipts from our recent estate sale. I know that you had to do quite a bit more planning and work for the sale of my "goodies" due to the location in the deep woods on a one-track trail-------Your perfect co-ordination, and the almost total clean out of my remaining possessions reflected your great workmanship. Many thanks again!”

Jane & Glenn Blong, Potomac, MD  
June 2012

“It was a pleasure to work with you from the beginning to end. You created organization from our chaos and made the process very easy. We appreciate all your hard work and highly professional and fair approach. We would not hesitate to refer you to anyone needing your services.”

 Marie Feldman
Potomac, MD
May 2012

“I was moving out of state and decided not to take most of my furniture and belongings. My real estate agent recommended Jane Heller estate Sales and I am happy that he did. Jane and her staff are professional, reliable and very nice to work with. Thanks to them I could concentrate on my move! I would highly recommend that you call Jane if you are considering an estate sale.”

Bernadette Zaucha, Potomac, MD
Spring 2012

“Jane Heller and her team were recommended by both a friend and my realtor. I will be forever grateful to them. Jane is incredibly knowledgable, professional, organized and fair. Like many of her clients we were moving from a large home to a condominium and faced the overwhelming task of disposing of items accumulated over 30 years. Simply put, Jane knows how to sell what you want to sell, and she even sells things you never thought anyone would want. She is clear in explaining what you should expect and what she expects of you. She is expert in knowing how to price and puts in long hours researching and pricing. Her email list is legendary-- the turnout on our sale days was truly impressive. ..... Except for deciding what I wanted to sell, Jane and her team did all of the work, making the moving process almost easy. And, most important, Jane and her team are really nice people. They are no-nonsense and firm, but patient and good.”

Dr. & Mrs. Melvin Kogod Potomac, MD
December 2011

“In appreciation for the services rendered by Jane Heller, it is our pleasure to provide our commendation for the most efficient and well organized Estate Sale we could have experienced. In anticipation of this difficult task, we did our due diligence and made serious inquiries as to the experiences of others whom, recently, have moved from their formidable residences and relocated, as we have, to smaller quarters. We are very gratified to have retained Jane Heller for this challenging task. Jane and her crew were well organized, very personable, and most efficient. We, without hesitation, do recommend retaining Jane Heller for anyone considering an estate sale.”

Carole G. Gelfeld Attorney
October 2011

“Jane Heller did a remarkable job of organizing a sale for a challenging estate. The 95- year-old decedent had lived in her residence for 40+ years. In addition to the large accumulation of items, the condominium placed severe restrictions on public access to the sale. Nonetheless Jane produced excellent results in a very professional manner. I would not hesitate to use Jane again or to recommend her to others. ”

Elaine & Stanford Steppa Potomac, MD
December 2011

“Jane Heller and her team worked long hours getting our sale ready. She is knowledgeable and trustworthy. She came, she tagged, and sold everything and I mean everything. The sale was more than successful. Thanks to you and your people.”